We offer quality hernia meshes for the repair of hernia and other fascial deficiencies,which require the addition of a bridging or reinforcing material to obtain the desired surgical result.
Bio-compatible in nature, these are good in strength and offer burst resistance for permanent support.
The mesh offers long stability and superior performance.

Technical Details:

  • Polypropylene – Polyglycolic acid composite mesh.
  • Pore size 1.2-2.0mm.
  • Less stiffness, better flexibility.
  • Less mesh shrinkage.
  • Flexible scar plate formation.
  • Less foreign body reaction.
  • Only 50% of original mesh weight remains after PGA absorption.

Available Sizes:

  • 6cm x 11cm 3 Units/Box
  • 7.6cm x 15cm 3 Units/Box
  • 10cm x 15cm 3 Units/Box
  • 15cm x 15cm 3 Units/Box

Other sizes available on request:

  • We also manufacture Menalene thin mesh for laparoscopic procedures and Menalene macropore mesh.


  • Bio compatible
  • Flexible, strong, elastic & Transparent mesh.
  • Ideal porosity for high visibility & colonization.
  • High strength & burst resistance for permanent support.
  • Flexible for any anatomic placement
menasorb mesh