Menapace We offer superior quality temporary cardiac pacing wire.
Temporary cardiac pacing provides electrical stimulation to a heart that is compromised by disturbances in the conduction system, resulting in haemodynamic instability.

Technical Details:

  • Product : “MENAPACE” Non absorbable temporary pacemaker electrode
  • Raw Material Used : 32SWG braided stainless steel wire
  • Sterilization : Ethylene Oxide gas
  • Shelf Life : 5 years


  • The lead consist of an un-insulated multifilament conductor coated with nylon (polyamide 6) attached to a straight break point needle.
  • The un-insulated distal end is attached to a curved needle.


  • Dry.
  • Easy access paper folder.
  • Secondary Packaging-Medical grade Paper & Polyester Laminated Poly Film.
  • Packs of 12pcs, In cardboard cartons
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