“Polyglecaprone 25 sutures” are the smooth monofilament sutures with predictable absorption characteristics compared to trugut, catgut chromic sutures.

Technical Details:

Product: MENACAPRONE (“POLIGLECAPRONE 25 SUTURES”) Absorbable Surgical Suture (Synthetic) Monofilament
Poliglecaprone 25 undyed sutures
Material: Monofilament Poliglecaprone 25
Colour : Undyed/Dyed (Violet)
Sterilization: Ethylene Oxide gas
Shelf Life : 5 years


  • U.S.P. sizes 8-0 to 6
  • With needle, suture lengths, from 45 Cm to 70 Cm and needle lengths from 13 to 60 mm attached to various needle point profiles


  • Dry
  • Primary packaging- Aluminium foil.
  • Secondary packaging: Medical grade paper & Polyester laminated Polyfilm
  • Packs of 12pcs, In cardboard cartons


  • Absorbed by hydrolysis.
  • Wound support, characteristics, (60% of tensile strength is retained upto 7 days, 30% upto 14 days and approximately 15% is retained upto 21 days
  • Absorbed over a period from two to 3 months.
  • Ideal suture for use in general surgery including bowel anastomosis, paediatric surgery, urology, sub cuticular and sub cutaneous tissues closure.
  • Minimal tissue reaction, predictable absorption.