3MC is constantly growing and evolving, always looking to develop our potential and business, we seek new commercial partnerships for sales and marketing. We are looking for partners with the following competencies:

  • Experience selling and marketing high-tech, branded, premium-priced medical supply
  • A proven track-record in obtaining product reimbursement
  • Suitable sales force capacity and capability
  • Coverage of key target groups
  • A good fit between 3MC's products and partners' current and future product portfolio

We manage collaborations in a highly effective and professional manner. We would like to work with organisations whose products, projects or commercial capabilities fall within our areas of interest and who collaborate with us to achieve maximum value.

If you are a distributor, importer, exporter or user of surgical sutures, suture kits, surgical mesh, surgical tapes and skin staplers and you are interested to deal with us, please contact us for any information about product usage, product registration, manufacturing facility, importing and/or marketing our products in your country or region.