• Top Quality

  • CE, ISO 9001/2008, ISO 13485/2012 standards, with WHO GMP ensuring that 3MC systems, practises, management is tuned to produce high quality products meeting all regulatory standards
  • All 3MC products raw materials have been tested for bio-compatibility, Irrita... read more

  • Why 3MC?

  • Excellent quality of the surgical needled sutures
  • International colour coding for sutures
  • All sutures are beyond compliance to USP standards for their physical attributes
  • Drilled end ribbed needles for better grip in needle holder during surgery
  • Customized suture needle combination

  • Fast Delivery

3MC manufacturing facility and effective supply chain system ensures, quick production and supply of sutures typically within 60 days of receiving the order

  • Flexible to customize

Our line of production is ready to manufacture tailored sutures with special specifications that satisfy customers needs including Needle-Suture metric and USP measures and packaging.